What If You Could Change Your Life In The Next 8 Weeks?

Stepping into circle with Maria will provide you with the tools and confidence to step into presence in your life as an authentic woman.

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Peggy CMedium/Paranormal Investigator

I recently participated in an 8 week program with Shelley Leggett as the leader. The purpose was to support and encourage women to share their stories, look within themselves, and learn how to heal old emotional wounds with empathy and love for themselves and one another.

I cannot emphasize enough how valuable I found this support and friendship from this circle of women.
Shelley was exceptional at keeping the focus on the various steps we worked on each week. She was just the right blend of compassionate mentor, teacher, and friend we all needed to learn and strive to be better versions of ourselves. I was truly sorry to see this circle come to an end and I would not hesitate to recommend her in a leadership role for any future courses.

Tracey PCollege Professor

Taking Shelley’s Circle was one of the best experiences I have had. Each week, not only did we learned something new about ourselves, but we experienced personal growth while being lovingly supported by each woman in our circle. I highly recommend taking Shelley’s Women’s Circle! I hope to enjoy others in the near future.

“Never give up. Life can be overwhelming if you allow it. I am here to help you manage it piece by piece."

- Maria Leggett

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