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Women’s Circle Recommendations

Angela W.Circle Participant

I joined Shelley’s circle with the intention to reconnect to my divine feminine, and to cultivate more loving acceptance of myself. What I found was an incredible group of women, each of whom joined the group for her own reasons. Shelley is a master at leading groups like this. She brings with her so many strengths: organization, purpose-driven content and dialogue, compassion, listening, and personal vulnerability. She created a truly safe space for each of us to dive into what most served us while firmly yet lovingly holding us to the agreements set forth at the beginning of the multi-week course.

Nancy R.Circle Participant

I had the pleasure of taking the 8 week course the Awakening ..Step into the Circle course with Shelley & several other amazing women. With Shelley’s gentle guiding each week I learned soo much about myself & how past events affect me today. She gave me the tools needed to change things for the better & I will be forever grateful to her for this. If you want to find out more about yourself with the support of others in a safe environment I recommend you consider taking this course. If I could give it stars I would give it a 5 without hesitation. Thank You Shelley 💜💜

How May I be of Service to You?

Mediumship Session

Allow Maria to connect with your loved ones across the Veil and facilitate the delivery of beautiful, loving messages.

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Tarot Reading

Divination is a phenomenal way to connect and receive direct messages to any questions you may have.

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Sacred Community

A sacred space where like-minded individuals will have a place to share experiences, ask questions and continually learn and grow together.

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Balanced Body & Mind

Reiki sessions with me can help to clear out blockages within your aura allowing the energy in your body to flow more freely.

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Online Coaching

Coaching starts by declaring you are ready to own your sovereignty. Let me guide you into recognizing your personal goals and achieving success.

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I teach classes on Mediumship, Tarot & Oracle Cards, Reiki, Business Ethics and so much more!

Class Schedule

Basic - FREE!

  • Book of the Month
  • Daily Card Pulls for Group
  • You, Me & Tea Monthly online meeting
  • Great for Spiritual Beginners
  • Access to experienced practitioners

Sacred Community

  • Monthly Live Card Pulls
  • Introduction to Tarot Class included
  • Quarterly Guest Speakers
  • LIVE Bi-Weekly "Beyond the Veil" sessions
  • Exclusive access to new courses before the public

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Who the hell do I think I am?

You know, I ask myself this all of the time so it’s completely logical for you to ask the same question. I have struggled with self-esteem and self-worth for as far back as I am able to remember. I wasn’t born that way. I wasn’t born questioning who I am and what right did I have to walk this Earth. I was born an open vessel of love and happiness, it was through my experience of the world in which I was taught to dislike myself and question everything about myself. Why am I here? Why do I have to suffer this pain?

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I'd love to share my experience to help you discover your personal your goals, which you can't find elsewhere.

What is Maria talking about now?

She's discussing Spirituality, Tarot & Oracle Cards and Mediumship PLUS whatever topics you'd like to submit for discussion.

Episode 3 – Directions & Elements

It’s time to start the basics! In this episode I talk about the cardinal directions and elements which are associated with them. Most religions work with the elements and directions albeit they don’t always state it so directly. I also explain them as part of the circle of life and where our lives can fit within each direction/element as we grow and get older.

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Episode 5 – Mind Your Energy

There are moments in time when you hear something and it becomes a game changer for you. THIS episode is that moment. It will change the way you think about your energy, how you speak to others and more importantly how you speak to yourself. Words are intentions! Help keep my podcast alive! Running a podcast …

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Tarot – Episode 3 – Major Arcana 0-4

In this episode you will meet The Fool, The Magician, The High Priestess, The Empress and The Emperor! In Tarot, it’s important to also understand the energy of the card you are leaving behind as well as what’s in front of it. Right now, we just need to get the basic gist of what each …

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